Training (1-2 days)

Design for Business Value

In this 2 day course, learn practices, principles, and mindsets that drive focused-innovation and creativity in a corporate environment. In this hands-on, team-oriented course, you’ll define the strategy, propose success metrics, envision a product, and user test an example product to surface hidden assumptions. You will role-play user research interviews, build personas, and write scenarios to experience end-to-end product discovery.

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Metrics Design for Business Results

In this 2 day course, define and propose a set of concrete, balanced metrics for your work. Articulating meaningful measures of success builds alignment, increases autonomy, and creates a shared vision of success that links strategy all the way through execution.

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Charisma, Storytelling, and Presentation Skills

In this 2 day course, build understanding and ability to adjust the messaging cues you send others so that the perceptions people form better match your intentions. Together we cover charisma, voice, tone, hand motions, facial expression, breath, and countless other typically subconscious signals for both small group interactions and conference-sized presentations. You will also learn the structure, ingredients, and art of storytelling.

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Leadership Accelerator

For managers and individual contributors responding to higher levels of complexity, the Leadership Accelerator enables teams to build awareness, increase collaboration, and successfully navigate interpersonal dynamics. Through experiential learning and facilitated practice, teams will develop the behaviors, attitudes, skills to align your culture with your strategy for maximum impact.

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Workshops (2-4 hours)

Business Value Workshop

An initial 4 hour workshop followed by a week of synthesis and a 1 hour readout, this pragmatic facilitated workshop is for stakeholders and project leaders to develop common measurable business outcomes for projects or programs of any scale. Synthesize meaningful and actionable results that drive coordinated execution and decision-making throughout the life of the project. Inspire design. Measure results.

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Surfacing Biases at Work:

Designing better products, services, processes, and experiences

In this 4 hour workshop, experience how biases and individual perceptions influence product envisioning, strategy definition, and the go to market process. Develop strategies to notice and redirect biases as they are revealed – in a professional, productive manner that focuses the conversation on progress.

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Interview Methods for Product Discovery

In this 4 hour workshop, learn techniques to elicit meaningful information. These skills apply to conducting user research, running user tests, gathering and defining requirements, and leading and participating in effective meetings.

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Business Value-Driven Prioritization

In this 4 hour workshop, learn how to leverage a framework that drives data-driven conversations across multiple, and sometimes conflicting, stakeholders. Practice using the lens of business value to make decisions and identify what delivers the highest value, with the lowest effort, while managing dependencies and risk.
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Collaboration Games

In this 3 hour workshop, use applied improvisation practices and principles to drive collaboration, encourage emergent ideas, and respond in the moment to unexpected situations.

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Looking for something else?

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