The purpose of the Business Value Workshop is to create a clear vision of business success for a project or program team. At the end, we expect to have a comprehensive sketch of the measures of success, capabilities, key personas, user scenarios, and some representative process requirements. This framework can be used to guide higher quality decisions, increase accountability for results, and enhance collaboration among team members.

The workshop consists of a structured set of discussion points designed to surface key assumptions and expectations. The best results are produced when teams commit their undivided attention to the discussion and are prepared to learn something new from other participants.


  • 4 hours for initial workshop, 1 week of synthesis, and 1 hour readout

In this course you will:

  • Review workshop goals

  • Define business value and measures

  • Define capabilities

  • Identify “canary” personas

  • Imagine a future scenario

  • Brainstorm high-level business requirements


This course is ideal for:

Program, project, or initiative leadership teams. This might include business leaders, solution managers, business and technical architects, and other key engineering leads. 

Check out the Planning Guide for more details.