We’re community organizers of “Design And…” events where every other month-ish we invite local thought leaders and explore the intersection or design and something else. So far, we’ve explored topics like humanity-centered design, innovation in social services, industrial IoT, immersive technology, why some small businesses are converting to co-ops, how insects are changing food systems (with an insect entrepreneur), the role and practice of building team attention, and creating great employee experiences.

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About Design And…

Design And… is a community of explorers interested in discovering how design practices, principles, and mindsets are changing fields that historically have not been design-led. Interested in the untapped potential of design as applied to HR, supply chain operations, marketing, non-profit social enterprises, and government? Come join the discussion. Learn about bright spots, unexpected breakthroughs, and successes from the industry practitioners who are leading the journey. Find out what challenges we all face in leveraging design practices and how we've overcome them. How is design transforming your industry?

Design And… is about:

  • My field and my peers

  • Design thinking and real-world application

  • Creative, technical, and business

  • My professional skills and transforming organizations

Design thinking is a creative problem-solving strategy that is rooted in empathy. Working towards a goal using design practices and principles activates the hidden potential of diverse teams and invites the best of what each participant has to offer. Design has the potential to transform departments, organizations, and entire industries. In fact, companies who have integrated design thinking throughout their organizations perform 200% better than their counterparts on the S&P 500.

Call for speakers!

Don’t feel like an expert in the Design space but have something to share? No problem — you don't need to be a design expert to present here. As a community we will discuss how your work uses design practices and principles. Here are some things you might consider touching on for your presentation:

  • Creating great, human experiences

  • Process of iteration

  • Testing

  • Generating ideas/solutions before you launch the thing

  • Small investments to learn more

  • Learning your way forward

  • Creating empathy

  • Eliciting collaborative, creative problem solving

Still not sure? Contact us and we'll chat through it together.