Reading List:

These books, referenced in our Bright Ideas blog, should provide a refreshing splash of inspiration.


Measuring Business Value: Linking Strategy to Execution

Settling on the right measures of success at the beginning of the project leads to greater autonomy, innovation and positive impact for delivery teams. Here is a simple set of questions you can use to surface hidden assumptions and create clear, meaningful goals for the entire project team and stakeholders.

Collaborative Design: 5 Principles for Fueling Innovation

Building and managing a design capability turns out to be anything but obvious. In this talk, Peter shares a pragmatic model for design and shows how it can flourish in conventional organizations to improve collaboration, agility and creativity. Here's the deck from the talk at the SeaSPIN meeting in Kirkland, WA in August, 2014.

Design for Business Value Reference Guide

Here's how we think about the design process. The reference guide is designed to be a quick, practical guide on how to incorporate design activities into your IT life cycle.

Design for Business Value: Why it Matters

Wondering how to make a case for design? This should help.

Foundations of Business Value - Business Value Workshop Planning Guide

Want to run a Business Value Workshop? Here's a guide to help you plan -- who should attend, expected outcomes, agenda, etc.

Foundations of Business Value - Example Deliverable

Here is an example of the synthesis from a Business Value Workshop. We take the results of a four hour workshop and extract draft causal loop diagrams, capability inventories, personas, scenarios and requirements.

Building Business Capabilities: Las Vegas 2013

Peter shared some ideas for building a common vision at the BBC conference in November, 2013. Here's the deck, with a couple enhanced diagrams.

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