In this course you will define and propose a set of concrete, balanced metrics for your work. Articulating meaningful measures of success builds alignment, increases autonomy, and creates a shared vision of success that links strategy all the way through execution. Together we will build causal loop models, define metric statements, prioritize a balanced set of measures, and select and create data visualizations that communicate impact quickly and effectively to others.


  • 2 days

In this course you will:

  • Build causal loop models

  • Define a high-quality measurement statement

  • Measure sentiment

  • Understand the process of designing a measurement system

  • Analyze unintended incentives

  • Articulate a business case for measurement

  • Identify suitable measurements of performance for your business

This course is ideal for:

Managers, team leads, product managers, analysts, individual contributors, and anyone who wants to have data-driven conversations about their work.