The communication channels we use to communicate our message are complex, and the words we speak are only a small part of how we show up. What we intend to say doesn’t always match what the listener perceives, since it is shaped by our tone of voice, posture, hand motions, facial expression, breath, and countless other subconscious signals. How we feel, our intentions, and our own internal dialogue – all these factors conspire to produce results that can be surprising and unpredictable.

In this workshop, we will provide tools and practice to help participants better understand and adjust the messaging cues they send so that the perceptions people form better match their intentions. Through this hands-on, experiential two-day course, participants will begin to see themselves through the eyes of others and learn to better express their identity and intention to the world. We will also cover the structure, ingredients, and art of storytelling.


  • 2 days

In this course you will:

  • Learn about the ingredients and practice of charisma

  • Build awareness and control over the non-verbal signals you send to others

  • Learn and practice the dynamics of voice and tone - speed, volume, pitch, punctuation, pause

  • Build awareness and practice non-verbal signals through body language

  • Practice techniques for noticing and managing fear

  • Gain a practical framework for effective storytelling that inspires action

This course is ideal for:

Executive leaders, managers, product managers, technical leads, and anyone who wants to improve their awareness and skills when it comes to the messaging cues they send to others and the perceptions they create through those.