The client

A large telecommunications company

Results that matter

The challenge was to strengthen customer brand advocacy and loyalty by measuring and optimizing end-to-end customer experience. We built a Customer Experience strategy, defined a service model to serve IT project teams, and developed a communication plan for business leaders, executives, and technology Architects.

How we did it

In partnership with the Enterprise Architecture team, we facilitated collaborative design sessions with our sponsor to build a strategy, service definitions, and a compelling narrative to sell the mission and services internally. We plastered the walls with sketches, prototypes, sticky-notes, and the desired experience arch that we wanted our audience to have when our sponsor pitched the services to internal stakeholders, beneficiaries, and consumers. We tested the services early, incorporating feedback and listening carefully to the audience's perception of value in each service. In tight collaboration with our sponsor, we worked alongside one another to iterate and refine daily until the services were clearly defined and the leadership presentation crisp, concise, and emotionally engaging.

When: 2016