The Client

One of the largest, global software companies in the world

Results that Matter

For a mature engineering company like our client, measuring technical product performance - availability, response time, scalability - is a part of every-day operations. Instead, the challenge for them was to get a better grip on what really matters most about a product, that is, what lives in the hearts and minds of the people who use it. Navicet helped them understand the nuances of how people experienced their product today with a baseline of user perception. This index can be used to measure progress and prioritize the work that really matters to deliver a world-class service experience.

How We Did It

We talked the team to learn about their goals, and then interviewed users to see how their experiences stacked up. We used those interviews to develop a collection of focused questions, taxonomy of emotion, and an algorithm to produce an index of user sentiment. We organized it all into a survey and tested it out with some users.

Finally, we designed visualizations that allowed stakeholders to determine at a glance how the product was performing, set targets, focus on key risk areas, and agree the best course of action to deliver the best possible experiences.

When: 2017