The Client

A small nonprofit

Results that Matter

We redesigned a successful training curriculum focused on increasing the maturity of applied soft skills, self-efficacy, and communication skills. Redesigning, updating, and restructuring this curriculum enables outside businesses and government agencies to use the program independently in a flexible, modular way.

Front line employees and managers improved their collaboration and trust by teaching the curriculum. Employees report feeling closer to each other at work  and asked for more time for training. Managers report that employees are more engaged and attrition is down. At least one agency has plans deliver the curriculum to all new hires.

How We Did It

We started by interviewing our client collaborators to understand bright spots, challenges, and goals for future delivery. Together we articulated and integrated organizational values and perspectives throughout the curriculum.

Our client wanted to give partner agencies flexibility to cover the most relevant topics in the time they had available. We reformatted the curriculum to make it modular and customizable by each organization.  We  redesigned the curriculum voice for internal facilitators and took into account organizational policies and legal requirements when switching to a new audience.

We added content and scripted instructions so facilitators could clearly communicate and lead all activities with ease.

When: 2018