The client

A consulting company transitioning from a leader in their segment into a new software product company

Results that matter

Building on their product vision, we created a product launch plan, defined and prioritized features for MLP (minimum lovable product), and built an interactive prototype to test the product concept and communicate the product vision to investors and customers.

How we did it

This product was intended to translate a manual, organic process into a repeatable, scalable process which saves time and money for the consultants and puts their clients in the driver's seat to manage and iterate on the artifacts produced. We started by analyzing all the product vision, mission, and competitive landscape documentation the consulting company put together. After entrenching ourselves in the current state, we launched into exploring "how might we." We dove into collaborative design sessions which included the business sponsor from the consulting company, the developers from the technical side, our designer, our product manager, and our superstar design facilitator (that's Peter). We iterated fast - oftentimes producing fully interactive prototypes daily to illustrate several design paths we might follow. In tight collaboration with the business sponsor and developers, we produced a prioritized list of features and a product launch plan. The consulting business sponsor used the interactive prototype to communicate the vision to investors and customers.

When: 2016