The client

A coalition of public and private agencies delivering coordinated training, education, coaching, and job placement services.

Results that matter

We designed a metrics and measurement strategy, established baselines, and developed operational improvements to optimize the service and program effectiveness. Program delivery partners implemented our recommendations and, through a process of rapid cycle assessments, tested and refined changes. We summarized our findings and recommendations to inform changes to policy and operational best-practices.

How we did it

With the goal of helping participants make progress towards their own education and career goals, five companies came together to build a holistic service model and referral network to support participants. In year two of operation, we delivered rapid cycle assessments and recommendations over the span of several months. We observed service offerings, conducted qualitative research, and interviewed stakeholders and frontline staff - asking things like how they measure success, how they know when someone is making progress, what stands in their way of delivering more impact, and what keeps them up at night. Those rapid cycle evaluations laid the groundwork for us to deliver a final comprehensive report on program effectiveness and recommendations for the coalition as they launched into year three of operation.

When: 2016