The client(s)

Large software company, global coffee company, medium consulting company, small nonprofit, and sessions available to the general public

Results that matter

If you ever wondered how to generate more focused creativity and innovation in a corporate environment, this class is for you. After two days, participants leave this class with practical experiences, insights, and pragmatic tools to apply the practice of collaborative design into their day-to-day work.

How we did (and currently do) it

This two-day, hands-on, team-oriented workshop is for technology project participants and business stakeholders who want to learn how to use design practices to improve the impact of their work. This course is highly interactive. No prior design or technical experience is necessary, just a willingness to show up and try something new.

Participants learn key principles of user-centered design and apply them to an example project over two days. Graduates gain a better understanding of how to measure project success and how to translate what they learned in class into the real world.

Here’s the full agenda:


  • Design principles and the case for design
  • Linking strategy to execution


  • Measuring business value - metrics
  • Assessing capabilities
  • User research
  • Building personas
  • Measuring success- quality in use
  • Creating scenarios
  • Measuring scenarios through user experience outcomes
  • Requirements, business process, and user stories
  • Value-driven prioritization


  • Brainstorming
  • Sketching and storyboarding
  • Building prototypes
  • Early user testing


  • A new way to work - why design matters
  • Sustaining the change - team journey map
  • 5 working principles


When: 2014 - Present