In this workshop, experience how biases and individual perceptions influence product envisioning, strategy definition, and the go to market process. Develop strategies to notice and redirect biases as they are revealed – in a professional, productive manner that focuses the conversation on progress. Building awareness and tools for managing bias is a key component of leading with empathy and inclusion, developing high-performing teams, and building a culture of belonging. These skills apply to designing and building products, programs, processes, test plans, and are core to practicing inclusive design.


  • 4 hours

In this course you will:

  • Understand how bias works in our brains

  • Experience how we personally rely on bias

  • Map bias awareness to product development

  • Develop strategies to notice and redirect biases consciously

  • Practice pragmatic tools to de-bias our work

  • Discuss how we experience bias as a society


This course is ideal for:

Managers, technical leads, project teams, practitioners, designers of products, processes, programs, or test plans and anyone who wants to become a more introspective, inclusive individual with the work they do.