We link strategy to execution through the power of design and measurement practices. Here are some ways we might do that together.


Your organization has unique strengths and challenges. Understanding where you're starting from is the first step to charting the fastest course for where you want to be.

  • Measure Sentiment and Perception - Get more actionable insight into how your customers or employees perceive you, your product, or your service offering. Go beyond Net Promoter Scores and Customer Satisfaction Scores to assess the effectiveness of investments in training, marketing, new applications, customer support process, and service offerings. Measure true business partner perception of your organization's effectiveness.

  • Measure Design Maturity - Evaluate your practices and design process.

  • Measure Program Effectiveness and Service Performance - Through ongoing rapid cycle assessments or a deep dive into overall program effectiveness, measure your current state against your mission to uncover opportunities for improvement and highlight bright spots.

Learn more about an assessment we did for a coalition of nonprofits and government agencies.

Read about a new way of measuring customer sentiment, calculated into a single index, that we delivered for a large software company.


Delivering on time, on budget, and to spec isn't good enough anymore. Set the bar higher for better results. Get prepared to make new, more meaningful commitments to deliver business value. Learn the most effective ways to lead an organization to higher performance.

  • Strategy development - Facilitated workshops to develop a common vision, success criteria, and scope of impact.

  • Metrics Design for Business Results Training - We can show you how to surface the most important measures of success that best reflect the execution of your strategy

  • Decision management framework - Make data-driven and informed decisions based on evidence and a common purpose.

  • Open advisory services - Bounce ideas off of of someone that can help diagnose and troubleshoot hidden barriers to success. Sometimes an outside-in look makes all the difference.

Check out the Business Value Workshop which helps leaders and project teams alike develop a clear vision of business success that drives coordinated decision-making and execution.

Our Metrics Design for Business Results Training is a great way to get started in building a discipline of measurement and execution.


Driving change at scale requires more than just a powerful idea. Everyone needs to see a common vision. They need training, the right recognition, a shared sense of progress, and a community that they can depend on. Build new muscles that last, with the right support structure.

  • Design for Business Value training - A two-day hands-on team-oriented workshop. Teams learn about requirements, measuring business value, design practices, including research, persona and scenario development, brainstorming, sketching, building wireframes, conducting user tests, and integrating design practices into your day-to-day activities.

  • Standards development and definition - Doing a great job consistently across a diverse organization means creating a common definition of what great looks like, so everybody knows what's expected.

  • Process definition and optimization - Believe it or not, processes are designed for people too (at least great ones are). We can help you make sure that your processes help your team go faster and work better. Great processes tell you what you don't have to do.

  • Strategic workforce management - Role definition, skills taxonomy, and demand planning. Getting from here to there takes more than a vision. It takes the right people, whether you grow them or hire them. Understanding the workforce you need is critical to success.

  • Portfolio management - There's never enough resources to everything that's a good idea, so you have to find the best ideas. We help you view your portfolio through the lens of the experiences of the people you serve, to prioritize the most important investments.

We deliver Design for Business Value Training internally for our customers as well as through public offerings.


Design and measurement practices depend on a different way of thinking. You need more than just training to sustain a change. We lead teams through the process step by step and coach them to form new habits for prioritization, collaboration, testing, and decision-making. This is where the rubber meets the road.

  • Business Value WorkshopsTwo simple, pragmatic facilitated workshops with stakeholders and project leaders to develop common measurable business outcomes for projects or programs of any scale. Synthesize meaningful and actionable results that drive coordinated execution and decision-making throughout the life of the project. Inspire design. Measure results.

  • Collaborative design facilitation - Two-week intensive facilitated workshops. Launch your design team, develop solution concepts, determine feasibility, perform initial user testing, and develop initial sprint backlog.

  • Troubled project recovery - It's okay if we didn't start together at the beginning. Wherever you're at, it's not too late to change course. When the chips are down, sometimes it's really hard to see the bigger picture - we've got your back.

  • Execution team coaching and support - We help teams measure business value at the start, build the right backlog, deliver faster, and innovate better.

Learn more about our Business Value Workshops and how we launched an innovation lab for a nonprofit client.