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If it were all she had, Robin’s tenacious curiosity and unwavering commitment to the power of human connection alone would be enough to make her a great candidate to lead Navicet’s research practice. Add to that 18 years as a researcher and program manager at Microsoft, a degree in Peace Studies, two design-related patents, social services work in Kenya, South Africa, Korea, as well as here in the Northwest, and, well, we’re scratching our heads wondering just how we got so lucky. Robin brings an amazing combination of energy, empathy, and persistent courage in the face of ambiguity to her work. She believes in the fundamental dignity of every person she meets, which, combined with a professional humility rare to find in someone with her deep experience, makes her pretty easy to get along with.

Robin is an expert in cultivating a modern work culture, inclusive design, measuring sentiment, and the craft of research. In her spare time, which is in short supply these days, she refuels by hammering silver, stones, and glass into one-of-a-kind models of her inner life.