Max goes fast. We first noticed this at the race track, which wasn't a big surprise, since he put over 40,000 miles on the Ducati he sold last year before getting, yes, another Ducati.

That got us to wondering, if he's that fast on a motorcycle, how fast would he be at developing web sites? Turns out, pretty dang fast. So, we offered him a ten week internship. The plan was to have him build a new website for Navicet and we, in return, would help him build some web chops. Three days later, he says, "Okay done. What's next boss?" We knew right then we were going to need a new plan.

Since that first web site, which you are most likely perusing right this very minute, Max went to build several more. Now he's puzzling out how to analyze traffic patterns, measure the success of social media campaigns, and bend new web platforms to his will.

Max believes in science, repeatability, music and in the superiority of desmodromic valve lifters over springs (something to do with motorcycles).

Good thing for us his super powers are directed for good instead of evil.