You would have to know Jon for a long time before he ran out of surprises. First, the obvious. He just might be the best Scrum Master you've ever met. We know that because that's what we hear all the time from the people on the teams he works with.

Jon loves big ideas, so it makes sense that he's written a raft of technical architecture articles for Microsoft's Pattern's and Practices Group, and that he's written award winning Think-Week papers, in which he explores how social media might save lives during natural disasters, like the tsunamis that struck the South Pacific a few years ago.

Spend a few minutes reading Jon's blog, http://gointothelight.wordpress.com/, and you realize that Jon is an old school craftsman from New Hampshire, loves fly fishing, black and white photography (the kind that requires actual film and paper to see) and is a masterful storyteller.

Maybe it makes sense that he started Balefire, a local brew house that developed a cult following and crafts award-winning beer and mead. But, master magician, national ski champion, motocross rider and poet with a degree in electrical engineering? Yup, all Jon. What more hidden talents lay in store for us? Only time will tell.

We do know that Jon is a master of getting teams to perform at their best, clearing obstacles and challenging them to think differently, using that good old-fashion Yankee common sense that you might just have to be born with to get.