Isabella is not a patient person. Curious, generous, kind, and compassionate, yes, but with a quiet sense of urgency that means she isn’t willing to wait around until opportunity lands in her path. Dissatisfied with her first years of high school, she set off from her home in Denmark to see more of the world, visiting the Philippines, Australia, and Canada, all while finishing her graduation requirements in half the time her classmates spent back home.

After a year studying at Bennington, she returned home for a couple of years to work for Ramboll, a management consulting firm, before returning to school. In her undergraduate studies at College of the Atlantic, her curriculum spanned disciplines and includes subjects like economics, international politics, marketing, social justice, and collaborative leadership. With each course, she thought more deeply about how to change government, non-profits, and commercial organizations to be better. Isabella is now working towards her graduate degree with University of Oregan in their Master of Community and Regional Planning program.

"I've been trying to figure out where I feel most at home. I think that's why I started travelling." For Isabella, home is where she can see herself learn, grow, and have an impact.

“Navicet just seemed like a surprising, cool place to try out some new ideas. I feel really lucky that we crossed paths.” Likewise, Isabella, likewise.