Sometimes the holidays bring out the best in someone, and sometimes the worst. Stress may be high, tension in the air, excitement and impulses abound -- we thought we'd share a preview of the Collaborative Communication Cards we've been working on. These might come in handy in the kitchen prepping furiously for a meal while people keep asking how they can help in irritating ways, sitting around a Thanksgiving dinner with family, friends, and/or foes having heated conversations, or maybe you try these out on a low-key catch up phone call with an old friend.

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve selected these 3 cards out of all our C3 cards (Collaborative Communication Cards) to support your conversations and interactions with others:


Here's a key helpful hint from the "Getting Started" content we're putting together:

The change starts with you. You can’t control how others show up, what they say, or how they behave — but you do get to choose how to respond and what you’re going to do next. If you find yourself feeling frustrated take a moment to pause, look inward, and consider what you can learn.


More Cards to Come

We have 17 Collaborative Communication Cards in testing as well as a Getting Started Guide and Helpful Hints Cards about how to use C3 on your own or as a team. We originally wrote these to be used by teams at work, but we’re finding they’re impactful outside of work as well.

We plan on sharing the Collaborative Communication Cards for free on our website, so you can download the cards, use them digitally, or print them on your own.

Email us your stories about the Collaborative Communication Cards: